Image Gallery – The Devils Camping Ground

We went to the infamous Devil’s Tramping Ground a few weeks ago, as you can see from the pictures above with an affiliate from IRG (J.R.) and had a great time. Albeit the weather was not with us, we did not get any anomalous readings on our Tri Field, no evp’s, etc. We did however find that there were numerous walking trails and game trails throughout the area. We also found that there was a LOT of quartz in the area. We did take soil samples to be analyzed shortly. Many pine trees and young growth of trees. Honestly it appears that the area was logged out. Some of us theorize that the area was logged out in the early centuries and the “circle” was used for a camp or a turn around. The river was less than ten miles away and that’s how logs were shipped back in the day. I would gladly get Chatham County’s and the owner’s permission to clean it up, stay there overnight and disprove current activity. My own theory about the myth of a reporter that tried to stay overnight and heard footsteps, was it may have been pinecones falling to the ground. I’ve heard it many times and it can sound like footsteps. So my challenge stands, we can clean up the place, (Hopefully get some volunteers) stay the night, and disprove the activity. We have yet to do more the soil samples and more research, but we plan on continually looking into it. It doesn’t rest here!!!!


Rich Caminiti