A Breakthrough on Paranormal Understanding

By Theresa McCleland

Recent findings indicate the paranormal community, as a whole, has been looking at paranormal activity incorrectly.  While we at FAYPRA and IRG have felt this way for many years, it has been difficult to pin point the problem.  Many in the field refer to a “spirit” not having enough “energy”.  This is not accurate.  Energy, no matter which form you’re referring to, remains constant but changes from one form to another.  The paranormal community must shift from thinking in terms of “energy” to terms of “power”.

Power is Energy (E) / Time (t) or P=E/t.  An “anomaly”, for lack of a better term, needs to be able to release energy over an extended period of time, generating enough power to be “heard” on playback or be documented with the equipment being used to observe “them”.  A delicate balance is required.  It’s not about the anomaly having more energy.  It’s about power.

Let me see if I can put this into perspective. It’s not accurate to say something has more energy or needs more energy because energy remains constant even though it changes form.  A cupcake, for instance, has the exact same amount of energy as a stick of dynamite but the stick of dynamite has more power because the energy is released all at once in one big bang rather than over more time like with the cupcake in calories when consumed.

The speed of light is a colossal number illustrating just how much energy there is even the tiniest amounts of matter.  1 gram of water, for example. equals 20,000 tons of TNT.  The amount of energy remains the same.  The difference exists in power.  Average human adults have as much energy stored in fat as a one ton battery.  Energy from movement can be converted into power.  The average human potential atomic energy is enough to power the entire US for 16 years for a 154 lb. person.

We can think of these anomalies the same way, even with EVPs because communication requires the least amount of power and thus the reason they appear to be the most common type of anomalous activity captured.  Apparitions and such require much more power and needs to be sustained over longer periods of time in order for us to be able to “capture it” with the equipment.  Yet, there is not a balance and the activity does not last very long.

In order to understand these anomalies, we have to understand both electricity and magnetism. Electricity, like waves, is characterized in 3 ways but with electricity, its watts, voltage, and amperage. Amps are just the number of electrons moving from one point to the next, generally in a closed circuit. When a force is applied, the electrons “bump” from one atom to the next, creating the movement needed for power, as they become excited.  Because electrons want to return to their normal state (not excited), it does not last long and creates the by-products we generally see with evidence when they return to their non-excited state (or as they excite)– an orb here or there, maybe an apparition if there’s enough power, maybe even an EVP or anomalous voice, or perhaps a “hit” on a thermal imaging camera.  This is because the electrons have to release the same amount of energy they originally absorbed to return to their rested state.

Let’s look at an example.  Many investigators and researchers capture “thermal hits” – anomalies captured on thermal imaging cameras and night-vision cameras.  This is a result of infrared radiation, a form of light.  What is happening is occurring at the atomic level, in which a force has been applied to the atoms and moves the electrons from their grounded-state into an excited state.  The more the force (or voltage) that is applied, the more the electrons become excited and move around, which increases power.  When you excite the electrons, they absorb the energy.  We feel this a lot during investigations, such as when someone complains they suddenly “feel drained”.  But because electrons innately want to return to their grounded state, they will release the same amount of energy they absorbed in the form of photons (or particles of light), which is what you capture with your equipment, such as a thermal hit.  You are capturing the by-products of the processes taking place at the atomic level.

They have a specific wavelength (or color) that depends on the state of the electron’s energy when the photons are released.  When the electrons are excited, they consume energy and generate heat because of their movement.  This heat causes the atoms in the object to send out photons that you capture as thermal hits or anomalies on night-vision cameras.  Thermal imaging and night-vision cameras are based on this consumption and emission of light particles.

In addition to this innate desire to return to the grounded state, there is another issue to consider.  Power takes time to regenerate.  Think of a bee landing on a flower.  The flower emits electromagnetic energy.  When a bee lands on a flower, that power is depleted.  Once the bee flies away, the flower needs time to regenerate for the next bee to come along.  If another comes along before the flower regenerates, the bee senses that and flies away or lands if the flower has already regenerated.  Same principle applies to these anomalies because of the nature of atoms and particles wanting to return to their grounded natural state.  Additional forces are needed to extend power.

The force that is needed is referred to as voltage and can be applied with light (any form of light), heat (which is also a form of light), pressure, and chemical reactions, to name a few. To calculate watts, multiply volts times amps.  W = V * A

Our hypothesis, not yet theory because we are in the process of testing it now, is that we can increase the voltage and amps of an anomaly to increase the power to be able to capture more sufficient evidence and data.

But here’s the problem, and we believe this goes to the heart of the reason why we have been unable to capture activity for longer periods of time but is also a combination of factors.  In an electrical wire, the resistance is increased.  The longer and thinner the wire, the higher the resistance because you’re increasing movement (particles bumping into one another at a higher rate) and pressure.  As resistance increases, so does power.  As resistance decreases, so does power. With these anomalies, there appears to be little to no resistance, resulting in a substantial loss of power in a shorter amount of time, which is why investigators only get “hits” here and there.  One needs to increase resistance, which will result in an automatic increase in power but it may not be substantial enough. There are other factors to consider as well.  One would also have to apply a stronger force (light, heat, pressure, etc., also known as voltage) in order to increase the amps (or current, number of electrons).  As we increase both the resistance and amps, we believe investigators and researchers will get better results.  The likelihood of capturing better evidence and data will further increase by using the proper equipment at the right time.

The issue here, of course, with increasing current and voltage is safety.  We are worried one may not be able to increase these in an area and still consider the safety of those present.  We hypothesize using several Jacob’s Ladders and increasing resistance as well, perhaps with a Faraday Cage, will give you the best results.

We believe this is one reason why laser grids tend to work.  Lasers are a powerful form of light.  You’re more likely to get activity using laser grids than not because you’re increasing the amount of force, the voltage, in the area, but you’re only seeing things here and there because there is little to no resistance and you can only capture a little of the activity with your equipment.  You’re increasing the current in the area by using the laser grid but because there is little to no resistance – the anomalies do not have the power to “manifest” in a way that will allow your equipment to capture them, even though the activity is occurring.  Using a high-speed full spectrum camera may help with that.

 In addition to needing more power, your equipment must be sufficient to capture the activity.  More frames per second with faster shudder speeds to eliminate light trailing with the anomalies.  Standard cameras are not needed but still recommended for documenting the experiments but not the activity, even if they are full spectrum, because you’re not capturing the activity accurately.  While you can document the by-products of the processes taking place, they are not accurate in terms of “what’s really going on”.

Using a combination of different forces and equipment may promote more activity and our ability to capture it – using laser grids, Jacob’s Ladders, portable heaters, Faraday Cages, and high-speed full spectrum cameras.

Portable heaters are important as well.  They are important to use because as temperatures increase so does electrical resistance.

To generate more accurate results and data during investigations and experiments, one should turn a single location/room in an active area into a Faraday Cage. This will confine the electromagnetic energy in the area to the area and keep it from “leaving” or “dissipating”.  Next, use Jacob’s Ladders and laser grids to promote an increase in the currents of the room but make sure to take the necessary safety precautions when using them, especially if you’re on private property and only after obtaining the proper permission.  Then, you also need to introduce portable heaters to raise the temperature and increase resistance, even if it’s during warmer months or warmer climates.  The more electrons you can “push around and excite” for more collisions in longer periods of time, the more power the anomalies will have to “do what they do” and no one even has to be in the area.  This just further supports our hypothesis that visual evidence is best captured during warmer months and in warmer climates while audio evidence is best captured in cooler months or cooler climates.

Introducing multiple sources of energy, however, can create a problem for investigators and researchers. Investigators may inadvertently be harming their chances of obtaining more substantial evidence at the moment because each addition of energy creates a change in the state of matter or in the electromagnetic spectrum.  Hence, multiple energy sources may cause erratic changes in the Spiritual Energy Form (SEF), IE apparitions and EVPs, resulting in Diminished Potential Evidence (DPE), the loss of potential evidence due to the introduction of multiple energy sources and not having equipment adequate for its capture before, during, and after the changes and the resulting by-products.  The Opportunity Cost (OC) of using multiple scientific instruments or other energy sources, such as cameras, recorders, and even the human body, may inadvertently cause DPE.  Thus, using multiple pieces of equipment on adequate settings will decrease DPE.

Based on this information, we recommend investigators and researchers increase resistance, power, amps, and voltage while using the proper equipment in the right areas on the right settings to be able to capture evidence and data for later review and scrutiny.