A Delicate Balance of Power and Energy

The human body is full of elemental compounds of different energies, which, collectively, consist of nearly all of the human makeup.  What happens to that energy when our physical bodies die?  According to the laws of conservation of mass and energy, neither one is created nor destroyed.  They merely change form, although you cannot have one without giving up some of the other.  A spirit of a human will have just as much energy as they did when they were possessed a physical body.  The average person has one thousand times more energy in their body than the largest nuclear weapon detonated by man.  That energy does not simply “go away” when our physical bodies die.  It changes form.  The key to our ability to measure any energy is power.  Power equals energy released per unit of time, such as per second, and tells us how fast work is done.

We are all familiar, at least in part, with Einstein’s famous Special Relativity equation, E = MCsquared (it’s cutting off my “squared” part so..if it’s missing, I apologize).  What most of us do not realize is the implication of this equation – energy is mass and mass is energy.  This equation means energy is matter and matter is energy.  They are used interchangeably while their grand total remains the same.

Energy is measured in Joules (J).

  • 1 BTU = 1,055 Joules
  • 1 Calorie = 4.2 Joules or 1 BTU = 1055 kilojoules

The key, remember, is the amount of power.  Power is measured in Watts (W).

  • 1 Watt = 1 Joule/second
  • 746 Watts = 1 Horsepower
  • 1000 = 1 Kilowatt

A joule is the amount of energy it takes to lift an object that weighs one Newton a one meter distance.

E = MCsquared         E = Energy measured in Joules (J)        M = Mass measured in kilograms (kg)

C = Speed of Light measured in meters/second

I can use this equation to determine how much energy I have.  If I weigh 150 lbs., this means gravity is pulling me down toward the center of the earth at a rate of 150 lbs.  If I convert the pounds to the standard unit of measurement for mass, the pounds become 68 kg.  Hence, my mass is 68 kg.  Since I know the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, I can convert that to meters per second, which equals 299,792,458 meters per second.  Now, if I plug the numbers into the formula, I can find my total energy.

E = MC squared             M = 68kg              C = 299,792,458 m/s squared

E = 68kg * 299,792,458 m/s squared

= 68kg * 89,875,517,873,681,764 m/s

= 6,111,535,215,410,359,952

This means I have 6,111,535,215,410,359,952 Joules of energy in my body, both kinetic and potential.  If I wanted to calculate my kinetic energy, I would use the formula KE = .5 * mass * velocity^2.

KE = .5 * mass * velocity^2

= .5 * 68 kg * 299,795,458 m/s^2

= .5 * 68 kg * 9*10^18

= 3.06*10^18 Joules

Why do we multiply matter by the speed of light to produce energy?  Because all electromagnetic radiation travels at the speed of light – 186,000 miles per second.  Why is it squared?  Because kinetic energy, energy in motion, is proportional to mass.  IE If you double your speed, your braking distance is four times longer.

Speed of light is a colossal number illustrating just how much energy there is even the tiniest amounts of matter.  1 gram of water, for example. equals 20,000 tons of TNT.  The amount of energy remains the same.  The difference exists in power.  Average human adults have as much energy stored in fat as a one ton battery.  Movement produces energy, which can be converted into power.  The average human potential atomic energy is enough to power the entire US for 16 years for a 154 lb. person.

If the average 150 lb. person is 65% water, which is about 40,000 grams, and 1 gram of water is equal to 20,000 tons of TNT, that means that a 150 lb. person has as much energy as 800,000,000 tons of TNT all built up inside of them!  Ask yourself this question – what would you be capable of having that much energy remain and not handicapped by a physical body while still maintaining conscious control of that energy?  It’s an intriguing thought for sure and one that absolutely boggles the mind when considered closely.

Light is a form of radiant energy existing in duality, possessing both the characteristics of waves and particles.  This is called wave-particle duality.  When we capture visual evidence on equipment or see visual evidence with our own eyes, both wave and particle characteristics are presented at the same time, thus suggesting spirits and entities consist of some configuration of matter. The same beam of light will behave as a particle or a wave depending on the parameters.  Experimental apparatuses can be adjusted to detect either or both of these characteristics.


Particle form – photon – electromagnetic radiation we observe either via sensory information or with scientific equipment when an atom emits energy

Wave form – electromagnetic radiation waves

When energy is released, electrons are pushed into an excited state on different orbital levels.  This can be thought of as a ball surrounded by different size hula hoops, which would represent the different possible electron orbit levels.

Some examples are posted.

Each level can only accept a discrete amount of energy.  If an atom absorbs some energy, an electron in a lower energy level, close to the nucleus, will jump to a higher energy level further away from the nucleus.  The atom is said to be excited.  The excitement will typically not last very long as the electrons immediately begin attempting to get back to a rested state.  This is perhaps why intranormal activity does not last very long.  In order to provoke or extend intranormal activity, investigators must excite these electrons and keep them excited for as long as possible.  Then the key becomes trying to provide them with enough power to release that energy within a desired unit of time.

When the Spiritual Energy Form (SEF) changes, the amount of energy that has changed can be calculated using:

Work (or energy) done = force x distance traveled

Work = Joules (J)              Force = Newtons (N)                      Distance traveled = meters (m)

The amount of energy is dependent on the frequency of radiation.  Frequency is the number of complete oscillations per second that the electric and magnetic fields undergo.  That energy undergoes certain physical changes, changes in which the energy may pick it up or give it off causing it to change form.  Although, the identity of the substance has not changed.  These physical changes can separate matter.  This is what is happening when a spirit manifests or changes form into one of the well-known SEFs, such as shadow people (SP) or full-bodied apparitions (FBA).  It’s a physical, not chemical, change occurring with a significant amount of power so as to become visual either through equipment or with our own eyes.

The law of conservation of mass states that when something changes state, there is just as much matter as before the change.  This means there is just as much matter in a human spirit as there was in the body of the human when they were “alive”.

Investigators may inadvertently be harming their chances of obtaining more substantial evidence because each addition of energy creates a change in the state of matter or in the electromagnetic spectrum.  Hence, multiple energy sources can cause erratic changes in the SEF, resulting in Diminished Potential Evidence (DPE).  The Opportunity Cost (OC) of using multiple scientific instruments or other energy sources, such as cameras, recorders, and even the human body, may inadvertently cause DPE.

Quick note to put things in perspective:  If the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum were positioned on a tape measure and it was stretched around the circumference of the earth, the amount of visible light the human could see would be less than one inch.  The human eyes see less than 1% of the universe, the heavens, and the earth.